Hunt for a Cure as an organization wants to formally thank Ted Nugent and his family for their generosity over the years. We've coined the phrase "NUGEerosity". Although his politics and his love for this country may ruffle the feathers of some, we love Uncle Ted! Since the inception of our charity, the Godfather of Goodness has donated his time, talents, and resources to help us fight this deadly disease. He never once has asked for publicity or remuneration for his acts of kindness. In a world in which people ask "what's in it for me", the Warrior of the Woods has always placed our organization above his own needs. This man is a true rock star, and  we are honored to stand next to him as blood brothers.


Ted also donates a hunt every year that we raffle off.  The 1st place winner gets to spend a thrilling day hunting for wild boar with the NUGE himself!  This annual raffle has raised a whopping total of over $80,000!!  Thanks and salute to Ted for his “NUGEerosity”!!

Be sure to check back to get information as to how YOU can buy raffle tickets for our next NUGE raffle!  Don’t miss the chance to spend a day you’d never forget hunting with NUGE!!